August 15, 2020 - September 3, 2020


Artist: Yvonne Zago
Location: subiaco
15 AUGUST - 3 SEPTEMBER, SUBIACO GALLERY. Official Opening 6-8pm Thursday 20 August. “My paintings are never just about the figure, the landscape or the characters and animals within the painting plane; they’re about how all of those elements interact and co-exist together. A painting cannot exist without a viewer and in the space between the painting and viewer is a constant flow of unseen communication. Each person brings their own threads of narrative to the work, and I like to imagine each thread spinning webs around the painting forming a huge cocoon of invisible stories. Last year during a bout of ‘flu I began automatic drawing. These sketches formed the basis for this exhibition, ‘Fever Dreams’.” Yvonne Zago 2020