August 5, 2022 - August 27, 2022


Location: West Perth
Official Opening 6-8pm Thursday 11th August 2022 Seven young art professionals living in Western Australia examine contemporary issues through their individual lenses, inviting their audience and their peers to review and reflect on attitudes and conventions that influence our daily choices. Sam Bloor, Isabelle de Kleine, Jared Malton, Shannon McCulloch, Luke Morgan, Hunter Smith and Matthew Wright take the stage, with works that sometimes ‘jar people on both sides of the gallery walls by not conforming too easily to one side or the other’ (Bloor 2022), while others ‘based around erasure, interrogate the space between expression and containment’ (Wright 2022). The implications of challenging social issues such as Alzheimer’s, of social control, psychogeography, the ‘early fossilization’ of forgotten or recently discarded tech devices, the relationship between painting and contemporary digital image culture and more, sees these artists make artworks of our time. Materials and scale are as diverse as the subjects, the common thread being the courage to confront the issues and their audience without fear or favour.