August 1, 2013 - August 15, 2013

Woven Words

Artist: Cedric Baxter
Location: subiaco
Well-known artist, illustrator and teacher Cedric Baxter has been exhibiting his work in Perth and throughout Australia since the 1960's. While years bring experience and a confidence of style, Cedric has lost none of the bright exuberance and life that we have come to expect from his work and this exhibition is as deliciously sensual and slyly humorous as ever. Combining his images with his love of poetry and classical literature, he presents us with a collection of meanings and double meanings which constantly surprise and delight. Cedric works in his favourite medium of acrylic with collage on canvas board, never straying far from his primary obsession of figures, dancing, loving, standing, posing and responding to his muse and music. Exhibition opening address by guest speaker Judith Hugo, Art Curator, Central Institute of Technology