November 6, 2021 - November 28, 2021


Location: subiaco
6 - 28 NOVEMBER, SUBIACO GALLERY. Official Opening 6-8pm Thursday 11 November.

"This exhibition explores how we see everything through our own inner world of memory and imagination. “No matter how much time passes, no matter what takes place in the interim, there are some things we can never assign to oblivion, memories we can never rub away.” ― Haruki Murakami, ‘Kafka on the Shore’
"There are major oil paintings, as well as a collection of small intimate work, many of these in antique frames from Paris flea markets. These are like fragments of poetry or artefacts of unknown histories, silent and resonant. The suite of large oil paintings depict someone whose inner life is made visible, surrounding them with open ended dream like images. The paintings are simultaneously about past and future, the invisible and tangible. There are no limits to the possible meanings of each painting as they are neither prescriptive or illustrational. The viewer is invited to bring their own interpretation. There are endless possibilities, like creativity itself." Wendy Sharpe 2021