Leon Pericles, Neil Elliott, Joie Villeneuve

November 30, 2019 - February 28, 2020

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    30 NOVEMBER - 29 FEBRUARY, Mandoon Estate. Joie Villeneuve presents ""Buoyancy", a celebration of being In, On, Near and Under Water. These mixed media works explore the essence of being lifted or “buoyed” by the peaceful nature of the ocean and some of its most magnificent inhabitants. After the ABC screening of "Storm in a Teacup" in September, Leon Pericles presents a diverse selection of his much-loved etchings, collagraphs and silkscreens. Hills painter and sculptor, Neil Elliott presents "Menagerie", a small selection of three-dimensional works that have been with 'Tour on the Move'. These cheeky sculptures reflect his active imagination. He is constantly sourcing or salvaging materials and his strong message of recycling has many environmental and social advantages. With his ability to merge the technical world of design with the emotive and often sensitive world of visual art, Neil has created a distinctive and quirky, thought-provoking style. His prime objective is to have fun and explore.
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