January 28, 2022 - February 27, 2022


Artist: Tony Hewitt
Location: mandoon
A retrospective collection of Fine Art images

Oculi is a personally selected collection of images taken from a variety of past exhibitions, each representing a facet of my own creative journey and an expression of my changing responses to what presents before me. I invite you to dwell, and explore the understanding to be gleaned by a shift in perspective, to perhaps be reminded of the magic waiting to be discovered when we see the world through another’s eyes!

I have always been simultaneously intrigued and comforted by chaos and balance and have often found myself drawn to the beauty of simplicity. An aerial perspective provides a fresh viewpoint on the familiar and challenges me to see further than a literal view.

As I look back on my creative journey, I recognise the constantly changing nature of how I view the world. I instinctively celebrate the inherent design in the landscape with an unquenchable desire to continuously explore the ethereal nature of a curious light. In a way, each image is a voice for my eyes. If my eyes had a voice, perhaps this is what they would say but in the absence of such things, the image is their chance to be heard.” Tony Hewitt 2022