November 24, 2013 - December 12, 2013

The Forgotten Art of Architecture – MALCOLM MACKAY

Location: perth
PERTH CITY Scottish born Malcolm Mackay combines a strong background in architecture and urban design with a love of art, to create a compelling statement celebrating the traditions of architectural design through drawing buildings of richness and beauty. Mackay learned the design principles of previous generations while involved with the restoration of heritage buildings in London. But it was Adelaide’s great architecture that prompted him to take action to keep the tradition alive, not through real buildings but through drawings. The Forgotten Art of Architecture is an exhibition of imagined buildings, none of which exist as drawn. “In an age of computers and digital photography, we consume the ‘perfection’ of digital imagery with such ease that we barely notice the content.” With an emphasis on hand-drawn original pieces, Malcolm’s aim is to showcase the elegance, fun and diversity of traditional architecture around the world. Most originals available as framed limited edition prints from 60 x 40cm $880