April 27, 2012 - May 13, 2012

The Art of Silence

Location: subiaco
'In this exhibition I have been pursuing two themes. “The art of silence” refers to the central concept in my still life paintings – capturing a moment in time - a fragile flower, leaf or fruit before its inevitable deterioration and ultimate decay. The emphasis on light exaggerates the beauty of the moment and its inevitable passage into shadow. The viewer is given the opportunity to hold onto that moment, to observe it in silence.' 'The second theme is based on the landscape paintings of Claude Lorrain, a seventeenth century French landscape painter who painted predominantly Roman antiquities in rural settings or seascapes in an attempt to create the perfect landscape. His works predated the iconic works of Turner. The juxtaposition of the still life creates different planes for the viewer – Lorrain’s images are reworked to become less distinct, drawing the viewer’s gaze further into the paining and thus bringing the highly worked image in the still life disturbingly close.' Julie Davidson, April 2012