November 15, 2021 - November 27, 2021


Location: West Perth
15 - 27 NOVEMBER, WEST PERTH. Official Opening 6-8pm Thursday 18 November
Stephanie Reisch and William Leggett present an exhibition of contemporary Western Australian painting and sculpture exploring the boundaries of space, time and reality.
"Stephanie Reisch paints abstract forms unique in their relationship to historicity. Her imagined, elegant, complex layers of texture and colour could depict events that unfolded over thousands of years or in one millisecond. They depict ineffable experiences to which there was no human witness. Drawn from research into the earth’s formative years, their subjects could be celestial or subterranean, in the process of crystallisation or dissolution.
"Equally the work of William Leggett could be a relic from the past or a comet from the future. Leggett draws on his past employment as a concreter and then carpenter within the mining construction industry to produce original, sophisticated modular forms. Using a variety of tools and mediums and a complex casting process, he references the aesthetic of post-industrial society, scrambling and reconstituting elements of Brutalism, Minimalism and Futurism into a complex visual language that seems familiar to our collective imagined memory." (Aimee Dodds, curator and freelance writer)