July 18, 2020 - August 9, 2020


Location: subiaco
18 JULY - 9 AUGUST, SUBIACO GALLERY 2 Tellurian is a small body of new works that explore the interplay of time, memory and consciousness in response to the imposing rock formations at two specific sites, Stathams Quarry and Canning Dam. These paintings have been created with consideration for the time scale of the natural world and engage with ideas of the cosmos and deep time. In many cultures around the world, rocks are considered to be animate and sentient. There are stories dotted throughout history of unique individuals, those with the ability to read the subtle patterns in nature, who can travel through rock into other worlds. In Tellurian the artist uses painting as a tool to decipher this arcane, geological language through light, shadow and rich earth pigments. The works are considered and built layer by layer, bringing static forms to life against a dramatic backdrop of granite blacks and oxide reds. Through this probing, the ghostly spectres, marks and stains of human and animal existence are made visible against the eternal structure of the stone.