July 14, 2023 - July 30, 2023


Location: subiaco
Dreamfeeder explores the collective dream world as a hyperobject – a term used to describe an unquantifiable event or phenomenon that lies beyond human comprehension. Expressed as an internal dialogue of hazy, otherworldly colour and shapeshifting entities, Reisch’s paintings offer snapshots of fractured moments from within her personal dreaming; a timeless space where echoes, physical manifestations, and in-between states intersect with others.

Drawing from memories, meditations, and dream journaling, she alludes to encounters with elemental human and animal forms that appear enmeshed in hybridised states of chaos and flow. Conceived from an imagined repository where dreamers feed into and from, this new body of work marks a continuation of the artist’s interests in exploring the synthesis of exotic plant and animal life alongside alternate states of being and becoming.