October 17, 2013 - November 3, 2013

SKY WORLD – Karlee Rawkins

Location: subiaco
SUBIACO - NOW SHOWING Sky World is a collection of birds and their nests in various states of construction and disrepair. They are invented, not necessarily biologically correct, and all partly dissolve into pattern. “I use pattern to create ambiguity and even obscurity in my compositions, each layer revealing brushstrokes and scribbling, recording movement, change and complexity. “There is a focus on and interest in the talismanic powers related to animals. Birds, with their ability to fly and transcend physical spaces, have a long history of being associated with the spiritual. Influenced by outsider and folk artists and sourcing colours and patterns from domestic fabrics and vintage bird guides, I hope to instill within my paintings a sense of nostalgia, optimism and personal metaphor.” Karlee Rawkins, October 2013