August 5, 2014 - August 20, 2014


Artist: Miik Green, , ,
Location: perth
NOW SHOWING - PERTH CITY A group exhibition of process based work by four established Australian artists. Until 20 August: Sedimentation is a striking group exhibition curated by Alessandra D’Arbe and to be opened by Bankwest art curator, Sandra Murray. ‘Sedimentation’ implies the settling or transformation of particles into another form. In this exhibition, it is the sedimentation of human experience that filters through into the artworks. This exhibition brings together a selected group of established artists (Galliano Fardin, Terri Brooks, Francesco Villicich and Miik Green) whose process plays a significant part in the creation of their work. Their intention is not so much to reproduce images but to develop them by putting into motion an open exchange of energy between the artist and the artwork. Actions, intuitions and streams of thought are accumulated upon the surface and are responsible not only for determining the outcome of the finished work but also for imbuing it with symbolic reference and meaningful energy. Each artist’s personal imagery is profoundly connected with nature and evokes thoughts of our origins, our environment and the processes over millennia leading to our current state of being. What has been left for us on the canvas is the residue of the artist’s filtering of life and the individuating of its essence - a process which ultimately creates the sedimentation of human expression and experience. Each artist has created a body of new works which will be brought together and exhibited for the very first time in this exhibition.