November 20, 2023 - December 10, 2023


Artist: Sarah Keirle
Location: subiaco
Nature’s Vessels showcases iconic Western Australian native flora seedpods, translated into beautiful ceramic artworks.

In nature, each seedpod is a unique vessel containing the future of its species. Keirle focuses on the forms, textures and climatic influencers of these seedpods, inviting the viewer to look more closely at aspects of our world often taken for granted. Inspired in particular by Banksia menziesii, Banksia grandis and Eucalyptus caesia, the changes in their surfaces, textures and flowering patterns as the seedpods develop through a year, Keirle translates nature’s embryos into her distinct artworks.

Working with the Japanese Raku firing method, Sarah has developed a great respect for and understanding of fire in the landscape and its role as a tool to create beautiful surface effects on the clay. Give yourself permission to have a leisurely look at Nature’s Vessels, proof that small things often have the biggest personalities.

Sarah and her art practice featured in the ABC’s Gardening Australia during October. Some artworks in Nature’s Vessels appear in their various stages of making. For a glimpse behind the scenes, visit https://www.abc.net.au/gardening/how-to/my-garden-path-sarah-keirle/102999550