October 3, 2020 - October 25, 2020


Location: mandoon
3 - 25 OCTOBER, MANDOON ESTATE. ARTISTS TALKS 2.30 PM SUNDAY 4 OCTOBER. “Time, Unpredictability and Rejuvenation inform this body of work. Whilst fascinated by the markings of the Bardi Moth wings, I was intrigued to learn the Bardi Moth only lives for twenty-four hours. While working with the Bardi Moth images, I lost close family members and the value of time became so much more important. Soon after, the Covid tsunami hit and the value of time took a new dimension again. I use fire to create my images and with the artwork in this exhibition, used various other mediums that have unpredictable outcomes to reinforce the unpredictability of this year. Where we are, right now in time, might feel as though we are enduring an unpredictable, impervious fire, but like fire in nature which rejuvenates plants and flowers in our bushland, I hope we can gain a new a new perception that will brighten our world and give a fresh sense of hope.” Sandie Schroder 2020

Working with wood, Ian Moss states: "There is a natural tactile warmth in the wood and the silky smoothness of the surface always gives pleasure like almost no other material. The variations in colour, patterning and grain make each piece of wood unique before the wood turner creates something new from it."