July 25, 2015 - August 9, 2015


Location: subiaco
25 JULY - 9 AUGUST, SUBIACO - OFFICIAL OPENING SUNDAY 26 JULY 2-4PM: Intention is at the core of the buddhist practice of gaining merit through building stupas. In order to confer merit they must be built with the right intention, which for Castledine is comparable to the way art requires intention to be art. In 2014 Castledine used her winning Sculpture by the Sea scholarship to fund a trip to Burma, retracing the lives of her mother and grandmother who fled the country during the Japanese invasion. Reliquaries, containers for holy relics, are widely known in the Christian and Buddhist traditions and for Castledine, can be described as places where you keep things that are most important to you – family, relationships, a sense of belonging. In this exhibition she endeavours to capture the images, ideas and even objects from a lost country, Burma, now having been reinvented as Myanmar, to keep them, or her or her mother safe.