October 9, 2021 - October 31, 2021


Location: subiaco
9 - 31 OCTOBER, SUBIACO. Official Opening 6-8pm Thursday 14 October. Exhibition opened by Mr Chris Malcolm, Director, John Curtin Gallery. Internationally renowned Australian ceramic artist Pippin Drysdale presents The Patterning of Light I Breakaway Series II 2021, an exhibition celebrating the minutiae of the Australian environment. For 45 years Pippin Drysdale’s well-ordered studio in Fremantle, Western Australia, has witnessed the creation of exquisite landscapes ‘in the round’, made on her porcelain vessels, marbles or platters, each of which is the result of her endless and focused experimentation with colour, line and shape, applied in her unique fashion to the ceramic sculptures she creates. Over the years, these sculptures have reflected the vast Australian landscape, the remote and grandiose geology of the famous Kimberley or Pilbara regions, as well as the stories of Australia’s first peoples. Now in 2021, the focus is changing. “As I have continued to explore my Breakaway Series,” says Drysdale, “I have become increasingly fascinated with the properties of light within the landscape and my focus has moved from the “vastness” of the images to the “smallness” of things – the way light bounces and bends with the breeze on the water; filtered light through gently moving vegetation; the iridescence of dragonfly wings; the fluttering of fish; the glisten of frogs; the dew on the leaves and rocks. Correspondingly I have been consciously seeking an increased sheen to my vessels, making smaller vessels as little surprises and my palette has shifted from the broader colours of the land, the water and the sky to the subtleties of the small and wonderful.”



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