September 3, 2022 - October 2, 2022


Location: mandoon
ARTIST TALK: Saturday, 3rd September 2pm

West Australian artists, Peteris and Jillian Ciemitis present works dealing with ideas of modern change. The works touch on climate change, our loss of connection with place, and our reflection on who we are.

The curation and design of the exhibition borrows from the idea of a sequence of ‘movements’ similar to those in a classical suite. Starting with a sensitive sequence of images the viewer is introduced to a layering of tree forms with gossamers of aerial landscapes, species charting (borrowed from a 1906 copy of Origin of Species) and movement patterning. The exhibition then takes the viewer through a series of abstracts, flowing to portrait images of introspection in identity-creation. What follows is a crescendo of works re-visiting the earlier tree-motifs with a stark apocalyptic imagery, use of metaphors of environmental tumult, then resolving to more traditional and thoughtful observations of nature; a gentle reprise.

Known for his portraiture, Peteris Ciemitis has just been announced as a Main Awards Finalist for this year’s Lester Prize.

Jillian’s pieces have an atmosphere and intensity. Her interest in photography also extends to other media, sometimes using photography as an art form, whilst other times as a source material for printmaking projects and public art.

Whilst Jillian and Peteris present many individual works, they have also introduced several collaborations in this exhibition; some between themselves, and others where Jillian has partnered with American artist Linde Caughey.