October 5, 2019 - October 27, 2019


Location: mandoon
5 - 27 OCTOBER, MANDOON ESTATE. Artist Floor Talk will open the exhibition at 2:30pm Sunday 6 October. "Drawing is central to life. Almost every made thing around us was drawn at some time. Our jewellery, clothes, car, neighbourhood, city … and our art. Drawing shapes our thinking and our seeing. It makes us contemplate what it is that we try to depict when we draw something. It might be form, shape, light, shadow, absence, presence, motion or thought. "Almost all of the works in this exhibition are drawings; some are on canvas and some on paper. As an artist, I’ve become interested in working with inks and liquid paint, and the rigour and constraint it places on my practice. Every mark is purposeful; there is no turning back or redoing it. The works present the viewer with interpretations of place and the idea of absence. Similar shapes and structure are found across the subjects. Much is left out deliberately. Do we see shape, movement, texture, shadow, light, fragility, strength or transience?" Peteris Ciemitis, 2019