October 28, 2021 - October 28, 2021


Artist: Nicola Coxon
Location: West Perth
KINEKT is an exhibition of purely digital and NFT works presented on 4k screens and projected onto a large-scale cyclorama for an immersive experience.
KINEKT strives to make the connection between fine art and digital art, starting the conversation about the application of NFT, digital art and the fine art market. Coxon's work explores interactions between paint, ink, pigments and solvents, and how these chemicals and substances mimic our cosmos on micro, macro and mega scales. These innate and inherent properties of liquids and their interactions/reactions to each other are reflective of universal algorithms.
There will be 12 NFTs for sale on the night with 8 of these being also available as physical digital art files on crystal USB as editions of 10. When you purchase one of the physical editions you will receive art on a crystal USB in matching box with traditional certificate of authenticity. The file is designed to be played on your smart TV.
One piece, KAI will be held as a silent auction and made as an exclusive edition of one with NFT. All funds from this sale will go directly to the KAI EARDLEY FOUNDATION which endeavours to save lives of young men and women by changing the stigma around expressing their emotions. The foundation believes that through their workshops they can reduce the upward trend of youth suicide. Claire Eardley tragically lost her son KAI to suicide in 2016.

For more information on Frequently Asked Questions visit https://www.nicolacoxon.com.au/faqs

Nicola Coxon creating a digital art file and NFT

'COURSE' Digital Art File and NFT

'KAOLINITE' Digital Art File and NFT

'KINESES' Digital Art File and NFT

'PETRIFIED' Digital Art File and NFT

'THE KIMBERLEY' Digital Art File and NFT

'WILDFIRE' Digital Art File and NFT

'DESERT CUMULUS'Digital Art File and NFT

'CRYPTORHEIC'Digital Art File and NFT

'ASTHENOSPHERE 1'Digital Art File and NFT

'ASTHENOSPHERE 2'Digital Art File and NFT


There are no artworks in this exhibition.