May 12, 2015 - May 28, 2015


Artist: Miik Green
Location: perth
12 - 28 MAY, PERTH CITY Miik Green’s exhibition Poet Blood/Artist Sweat investigates the dimensional aspect of painting, drawing from Jean Cocteau’s 1930’s movie The Blood of a Poet. In the film, mirrors become otherworldly portals to other dimensions: in Poet Blood/Artist Sweat, these become opportunities for exchange and intervention, sites of interaction for the viewer. New works on mirror-finished aluminium further this premise, immersing the viewer within the surface with an immediacy that both shifts and frames. Cross Grain, a 'sculptural exchange', sees collaborative sculptural works produced with nine selected artists, who were given a 30cm cube of laminated aircraft-grade plywood and no brief other than to address the block in any way of their choosing. They thereby enter a sort of democratic agreement with a proposition, investing their talents in modifying the block; but crucially it remains the property of another, the exhibition a solo effort with Green thus freed from any idea that his work has a narrative.