June 27, 2020 - July 22, 2020


Artist: Miik Green
Location: subiaco
27 JUNE - 22 JULY, SUBIACO. ‘FRACTURE' showcases Miik’s signature large-scale paintings, along with new wall-based sculptural works. The surfaces of these works are highly treated, ranging from high-gloss coatings to matte-finished gradients. While in temporary lockdown, Miik has experimented with new materials, finishes and processes to create works that react with their surroundings. His two-dimensional works reflect and augment space; their luscious surfaces provide windows that capture that which sits outside the frame. In contrast, three-dimensional sculptures retreat and emerge from the walls, forms that have been reduced to elements of light, colour and line. These works are about engagement, timely in a time of isolation and reflection. Revealing obscure angles and worlds of possibility, they provide the viewer unique glimpses of the spaces we inhabit: portals to hidden dimensions. Exhibition works photographed by Jody D'Arcy.