November 14, 2013 - November 28, 2013

LESLEY MEANEY – Reason, Rhythm and Rhyme

Artist: Lesley Meaney
Location: subiaco
SUBIACO - NOW SHOWING ‘The familiar statement ‘No Rhyme or Reason’ is so ‘on the mark’ during my creative process. Rarely do I need a REASON for embarking on a new image. ‘As for RHYTHM, this I believe is also instinctive as in one’s ‘tag’ or ‘hand-writing’.  Artists, whatever their genre, must, I think, march to the beat of their own drum. ‘RHYME - each new artwork builds on, or links to, what has been created previously.  What’s past is simply prologue – like a line in a poem, or cadence in music.  I am aware that any new image would not exist, were it not coloured by the artworks that preceded it.’ Lesley Meaney, October 2013 Whilst each of LESLEY MEANEY’S 22 solo exhibitions has been theme based, this exhibition results from 18 months of experimentation, using a variety of materials, and exploring a variety of concepts.  This show involves paintings, textiles and objects.  It is an eclectic collection by one artist with a wide range of skills who reveals a willingness to take risks and, at times, to simply have fun.