November 7, 2020 - December 6, 2020


Artist: Leon Pericles
Location: subiaco
7 NOVEMBER - 6 DECEMBER, SUBIACO. OFFICIAL OPENING 6-8PM THURSDAY 12 NOVEMBER. EXHIBITION EXTENDED! "Leon's work exploits the idea of visual overload with great elan. Working in three dimensions, his multi-faceted prints, paintings and sculptural works are a feast for the eye. He describes them as 'worlds within worlds that have a compass point of infinite distance with the clarity of an intimate environment,' and that sense of endless possibility, of expansive horizons and unbridled range beautifully captures their optimism and generosity; characteristics never in short order in Leon's life and work." (From Forward by Prof. Ted Snell in Leon Pericles: Just Scratching the Surface; A Retrospective) Leon Pericles admits he is “The Man Exploding with Too Many Ideas”. A constant flow of concepts come to him with never enough time to execute them all. In this show we explore his many talents with a selection of his masterful etchings, accomplished paintings and 3D mixed media constructions. Vibrant colours, detail overload and a sense of humour permeate his works. Leon has the capacity to think laterally around any subject and becomes somewhat excited when the ideas are good and the many concepts and variations come to light visually.