May 27, 2022 - June 19, 2022


Artist: Leon Pericles
Location: subiaco
Official Exhibition Opening 6-8pm, 3rd June 2022
Meet the Artist 1-3pm, 28th May 2022

Leon Pericles's exhibition Taming a Tumultuous Palette is a rich collection of the 73-year-old’s fresh new work, exploring translucency, layers and colours, the power and subtlety of transparent and opaque, and the tumultuous palette in between.

Pericles fans will also be treated to a taste of his trademark style. The exhibition will reveal Pericles’ newest etching: Seconds Before Goff & Sue’s Life Changed Forever. This masterful creation features an overload of his signature detail and wit.

Leon said inspiration for some of the works featured in the exhibition was derived from a feeling to create strange colour mixes and shapes influenced by nature.
“A competition with God if you will,” he said. “Whomever that may be.”
“Take the weird and wonderful nudibranch marine molluscs. I’m so impressed with nature’s variety. I don’t think I could invent something that is equal to the bizarre creatures that already exist. I think I’ve lost the competition.”