December 9, 2014 - December 23, 2014


Location: perth
NOW SHOWING: 8 - 23 DECEMBER - PERTH CITY ‘Chiaroscuro’ is a collection of relief prints, produced in small, limited editions and accompanied by short texts. With a focus on creating tonal linocuts I have experimented and played by slowly evolving the plate. Each matrix is developed by carefully adding light and carving out shadows, each time with the sole desire to chase and capture delicate studies of light, shade and tonality on the surface of the linoleum plate.   The exhibition is a celebration of a life’s ‘chiaroscuro’, a heart’s homage to the light as well as a grateful acknowledgement of dark. A realisation that both hold equal weight in the balance, the light gifts truth, the shadow bestows compassion, they give depth, meaning, measure and contrast to one another.