April 24, 2021 - May 16, 2021


Artist: Kate Elsey
Location: subiaco
24 APRIL - 16 MAY, SUBIACO GALLERY. Official Opening 6-8pm Thursday 6 May. RSVP essential.
"Music, the breeze in the leaves, birds humming, wilderness, warm days and misty mornings are all included as my inspiration .... the unwritten yet ever present score of this unscripted world inspires me. And then the quietness when I’m working, especially at night when the only light outside is the moon.
"My love of texture grips me, interacts with my senses. That’s how I draw; spontaneously taken by the current, captivated by the expansive landscape as much as by the minutiae. Exploring the inside of an endless contour in a gestural way with my scraping technique, suppressing my emotions, a biome of thought about my psychological make up and the geographical space in focus.
"I am fascinated by the unity and interaction of the world, fragile yet bold, that holds us all in it’s now and unscripted wisdom.” Kate Elsey 2021