May 8, 2024 - May 27, 2024


Artist: Kate Elsey
Location: subiaco
Primal Highway marks Kate Elsey's 23rd solo exhibition and seventh with Linton and Kay Galleries since 2015, following on from the immersive Magic Carpet Kakadu (Gaagudju) exhibition in 2022. 2023 saw the installation of a major commission of three paintings for the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Melbourne. The central theme of this monochrome series titled City at Tidal Reach presents a contrast between man-made elements and their convergence with the moon-lit waterways and misty skies once comprising the wetlands of Birrarung Marr. Further exploration of this theme has led to a new series of works that reimagine the earliest pathways of our natural world, predatingthe highways of human creation.

Primal Highway is comprised of 25 tributes to nature, each realised through free association and led by Elsey's instinctual threadline technique. Her innate bladework awakens a form of ecological silhouette, forever meandering the canvas and embroidering space and light to eventually resolve in its most essential form.