September 8, 2018 - September 30, 2018


Artist: Kate Elsey
Location: West Perth
8 - 30 SEPTEMBER, FRIDAYS STUDIO @ WEST PERTH. Official Opening 6 - 8 pm Thursday 13 September. Kate Elsey has developed a visual language where stories of nature and evolution are marshalled to examine the connection between critical moments of the past and present. In particular EARTH LINES is a response to geological activity, uplifting and eroding continental and oceanic crust over eons. “I like to take a colour,” says Elsey, “and scrape its pigment into a broad line to explore further or turn in another direction, creating a continuum of the whole experience in the moment. With EARTH LINES I’m describing the water and the stars, the air and our fragility and strength, interdependent with a magma-filled earth crust. I feel nature like an unraveling thread, dipping into ponds and reaching into trees, skies winding through forests, air and oceans and through us, sharing a commonality of life”