March 27, 2024 - April 15, 2024


Artist: Kate Debbo
Location: subiaco
For this exhibition I wanted to make paintings about love, family, friends and connection to ‘home’. Some of the works are wishes, some are poems or prayers, and all are an invitation to a better world.

I have loved creating these joyful, abstracted, colourful landscapes and horse portraits in thick oil paint. For me, the horses are a link to a more magical world, a nostalgic look at childhood dreams. When I am painting them, they represent energetic beings. They also serve as ‘musical notes’ across the works, creating a rhythm or dance. They become comforting, familiar and universally recognisable points in new places.

Inspiration comes from the beauty of my natural surroundings, daily walks with my dog and a collection of special memories (spectacular or mundane) with my family. I might be inspired by the colours in a beautiful piece of fabric or the colour of a friends lipstick, that will later find itself in my spontaneous colour choices for a distant hill. Painted from memory and imagination, these colours, shapes, places and experiences are swirled together to express my feelings.

These works are visceral, naïve and painterly. They are painted from the heart of the child in me, and I hope they speak to the heart of the child in you and be a reminder to celebrate life every day.