October 17, 2022 - November 6, 2022


Location: subiaco
“Australia” says Pippin Drysdale, “is considered ‘young’ in many ways but the truth is that its culture is amongst the oldest in the world. I endeavour to reflect this through my three-dimensional porcelain creations, each one inspired by our bare and bleak continent and the first nations that have called it home for so long.”

Drysdale, a WA Living Treasure, works intuitively, driven by her passion to create, drawing on assimilated experiences of place, topography, of remote communities, of changing light, flora or fauna, that give rise to her abstract interpretations. Her ceramics are world-renowned as reflections of the famous Kimberley and Pilbara regions, many echoing the ‘vastness’ of place while others explore the ‘smallness’ of things.

“Light,” says Pippin, “can make the most imposing edifices appear soft, ghostly, fragmented. Light governs my reactions to the everyday making memories re-surface, metaphorically taking me from a sunrise in the desert to early spring in the Pilbara or the majesty of our galaxy in the night sky.”

Linton & Kay Galleries welcome Yinjaa-Barni artists to their first exhibition with us following the very successful exhibition, 'Tracks We Share - Contemporary Art of the Pilbara' at AGWA.

Pippin Drysdale is excited to exhibit with artists from Yinjaa-Barni Arts, including Maudie Jerrold, Allery Sandy, Marlene Harold and Melissa Sandy.

Yinjaa-Barni Art is a not-for-profit Aboriginal Corporation, working as a collective of Aboriginal artists who predominantly belong to the Yindjibarndi language group. The Yinjaa-Barni artists are known for their deeply personal works of collective memory, rendering the wildflowers, river systems and landforms of their country onto canvas.

“Yinjaa-Barni is working together, doing things together, you know, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, at least your heart is in painting, and working together. We like to keep that spirit going, Yinjaa-Barni, you know and it’s always working together.” Allery Sandy artist