March 6, 2021 - March 28, 2021


Location: mandoon
6 - 28 MARCH, MANDOON ESTATE GALLERY Joie Villeneuve embraces the term “combine” as used by the artist Robert Rauschenberg to describe a series of works that combine aspects of painting and sculpture. Combines either hang on the wall or stand freely. Villeneuve is influenced by the manner in which Rauschenberg moved seamlessly from painting to sculpture to installation and the experimental risk-taking involved in this process. “Walking the Water's Edge is a culmination and intersection of the past, present and future. Nostalgic memories merging with the unique experiences of this past year gave birth to a new vision of what to embrace and give life to in the Now. Being on or near water, walking the water’s edge, is a commonly shared experience and my hope is that you will find your own stories and memories reflected within this work and in doing so personalise the meaning and the work for you alone.” Joie Villeneuve, February 2021

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