Johnny Romeo

August 4, 2018 - August 26, 2018

West Perth
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    4 - 26 AUGUST, FRIDAYS STUDIO @WEST PERTH GALLERY. Official Opening 6-8pm Thursday 9 August. ROCK IS DEAD, the new series from Australia’s leading Pop Artist Johnny Romeo, is a colourful homage to the essence of rock’n’roll. Carrying the torch of Pop provocateurs like Mel Ramos and Jeff Koons, Romeo juxtaposes punchy cultural commentary with exuberant, absurdist imagery to cleverly subvert rock music tropes and critique the slow death of rock’n’roll in our cultural landscape. ROCK IS DEAD is a darkly humorous slice of potent Kitsch Pop that explores shifting musical tides, reflecting a world where the danger and fury of rock’n’roll is dying but refuses to fade away.
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