February 18, 2014 - March 4, 2014

JODEE KNOWLES – A Place Before Tears

Location: perth
PERTH CITY - COMING SOON Perth-born Jodee Knowles returns to her home city to present her latest collection, A Place Before Tears. Knowles' work is heavily based on the human condition and the emotional state of mind that makes or breaks a happy existence. Her portraits are a reflection of ones’ memories and expectations, in which the concept of an intoxicating other is celebrated or hated by thematically dealing with the feeling of being torn between addiction and satisfaction - between excess and boredom. “Every idea starts with a sketch, a drawing from the mind, so I think illustration is important”, says Knowles. As a result of Knowles' progression into film, A Place Before Tears will be accompanied by a video installation shot by renowned videographer and director, Alex Goddard.