December 11, 2023 - January 31, 2024


Artist: Jasper Knight
Location: subiaco
Renowned artist Jasper Knight grew up near the water’s edge in Sydney where palm trees were abundant but unnoticed. In 2021 he began to explore the subject through photography and then paintings and in 2022, the Fireworks series appeared, to great acclaim.

Dusk to Dawn is a continuation of the Fireworks theme and of the highly successful Sydney Contemporary show, The Coral Coast, where vibrant yellow hues recall Fiji’s Coral Coast.

Now Fijian palms and Perth’s ubiquitous palms take centre stage. The title also references David Bowie’s ‘Golden Years’ with the use of gold an idea that could evoke one's best years.

“These paintings evolved as fabrications from my imagination. Painting palm trees has encouraged me to be experimental. They are this idea of the hidden tree: mostly unseen, but once noticed, it’s impossible to ‘unsee’ them.”

Knight divides his subjects into the blues of dusk and the ochres, and golden yellows to reds, of daybreak. Taking the “best bits” of the earlier works, he has put them together and added a red-orange sunburst element, the radically limited palette pushing the works into abstraction.

“These are some of the freest paintings I’ve done,” says Knight. “The ochre works are the only ones ever done in this palette, and showing them all together in Perth is almost like wrapping the series in a bow - a really nice place to leave it.”

Jasper Knight is an eight times finalist in the Archibald Prize, the Wynne Prize four times and the Sulman Prize twice. His works are held in major public and private collections across Australia and internationally.

This exhibition is an opportunity to view and acquire paintings by a mid-career artist of exceptional talent.

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