March 4, 2022 - March 27, 2022


Artist: James Corbett
Location: subiaco
SUBIACO GALLERY, 4 - 27 MARCH. Official Opening 6-8pm Thursday 10 March.

‘There is as usual no theme to this exhibition.  My works are as varied as the recycled, mostly automotive components that I use to create them.  Some subjects are things that I like, some are things that I imagine.  Some are things that I imagine I would like, and others are things that the parts tell me they must become. The one thing that is common to all of the pieces, is my desire to challenge the perception of what can appear to be moving and what can appear to be alive. "
The title comes from what is my all time favourite compliment about my work that another sculptor sent me some time back: “I make stuff out of wood…but you make shit breathe.” ‘ James Corbett 2022