December 1, 2021 - December 19, 2021


Artist: Holly Grace
Location: subiaco
1 - 22 DECEMBER, SUBIACO. Official Opening 2-4pm Sunday 5 December.

"My artwork begins in nature, a traverse into the remote regions of the Australian Highlands. This time alone within the landscape is an invaluable experience, sometimes challenging but immensely inspirational as I learn more about the natural world and about myself. Initially I document my experiences with the camera and then explore further with glass as my canvas - becoming both a lens to and a personal record of this unique landscape.
"During these walks I have been discovering small intersections, junctions where our human and non-human landscapes intertwine. This interaction between the cultural landscape and nature become chapters written within, a personal recollection of experiences and inspirations, leading me to a path where I hope to find my place within this ancient landscape.
"These glass artworks are a memoir of places within the landscape, an intimate record created from research at the National Library of Australia and from personal documentation, creating both a portrait of myself and this increasingly fragile landscape to which I yearn to belong." Holly Grace 2021