April 18, 2015 - May 7, 2015

HELEN NORTON – WAR (What do we have to lose?)

Location: subiaco
18 APRIL - 3 MAY; OPENING RECEPTION 23 APRIL 6 - 8 pm Global politics and sloppy chiefs in seats of power make war an ominous possibility. Who tells the truth in times of war: journalists, poets, academics, artists? What is the artist to do, ignore it and paint flowers, landscapes and pretty bare-breasted women? Or draw attention to it? If I paint images of carnage and destruction, you will not look. So I will paint in magnificent bold colours, seductive forms, arranged to create maximum impact and to remind us of the beauty of life and what we may lose if we indulge in war. Art is the voice through which I can respond, remaking the world with paint because I can – shape by shape, step by step, using colours and forms strategically, tactically. Their sums form useful compositions because the magnificence of each can be measured alongside ‘the other’. That is my solution to war. Helen Norton 2015