June 5, 2021 - June 27, 2021


Artist: Fi Wilkie
Location: mandoon
5 - 27 JUNE, MANDOON ESTATE GALLERY "This body of work comes off the back of Lockdown 2020. At the beginning of lock down, full of anxiety, I felt that the purpose of my art-making life, the thing that made me feel 'me', was being questioned. Many started to look inward, questioning life choices and contemplating what a 'new normal' would be... sourdough, veggie growing, tree changes. I thought about my Grandmother's generation; keeping house during the depression and World War, dealing with uncertainty, keeping the 'wolf' from the door. The iconic work of Margaret Preston, an artist of my Grandmother's generation was a reference point. I admire the strength of her imagery, its boldness despite its usual 'feminine' subject matter, and especially that she prioritised her art-making over keeping house. She can still teach us about what it is to be an Artist, a Female Artist and a Creative Australian. I undertook a different process of creating for this series. I've re-learnt that my art not only offers an important dose of self-medication but initiates a positive connection with others.” Fi Wilkie 2021