August 1, 2022 - August 22, 2022


Location: subiaco
Official Opening 6-8pm, Thurdsay 4th August

Nine artists explore the notion of ‘Environment’ in relation to their art practices in Western Australia. The threat of fire, the grandeur and riotous colour of the north, bare essentials that evoke wide skies and eroded plains, suburban housing estates imposed on pristine bush are all on display in this eclectic exhibition of paintings.

Andy Quilty’s muse is a mix of graffiti, hazardous driving conditions, remnant bush and new housing developments. “The title of these works reference graffiti on a ‘Reduce Speed’ sign, located on a hazardous bend on Sixty Eight Rd. When I paint the remaining scraps of bush in this area, I am only partially thinking about nature, mostly I think about skids and Baldivis KFC and picking carrots in the sun as a student.”

Jenni Doherty talks of living in a rural paradise that is very precious. “These works,” she says, “were sparked (sorry!) by the fire, the light, the colour and the Bush. Like our precious place in this world, the fire too has many sides. It was luxury really to experience the beauty.”

Jacinda Bayne takes inspiration from celebrating the colour and landforms of Western Australia, from the intensity of the Pilbara red to the lush greens of the South West, from iconic scenes to the less travelled.