September 4, 2021 - September 26, 2021


Location: mandoon
Introducing Stephen Eastaugh, an artist with an expanded practice who calls himself ‘geographically promiscuous’ for having traveled to so many points of longitude and latitude in his search for subject matter for his artwork. An Unstill Life highlights how travel, geography and dis/location have continuously fed his practice which has always been characterised by overseas research and the creation of new mixed media work in response to extensive travels. The series of bird homes presented here are painted on leather and reflect the artist's experience of working in a Norwegian art residency housed in an old leather factory overlooking a fjord.  The ongoing topic of houses reflects a fuzzy need to build a shelter (a bivouac) or simply a home somewhere. Kate Elsey's Bird Series II are a simple meditation on the way birds are, executed in ink and acrylic on paper. "I watch the way these flighty beings act and interact with our pond and flora, with each other or alone. Nevertheless, they do not find their way into my artworks as kind of plan - let alone replica. Rather they serve as a rhythm of memory; a pure sensory concept that lies in wait as I switch off and I follow the movement of my hand in response to their strength of character, quirkiness and attitude in their antics." Kate Elsey 2021