November 6, 2021 - November 21, 2021


Artist: David Hayes
Location: subiaco

I was looking at my new backyard from the window in my studio. There are magnolia trees along the fence. It is my new backyard because I had just lost my old one, my old life and mostly everything I had – ever. A magnolia flowers and dies in 24 hours. Full bloom and decay. Then COVID occurred and forced isolation, which of course isn’t relevant if you are already isolated. So, in a state of expected emotional and psychological turmoil, I still had my art practice, time and space. It allowed me to pause, observe, reflect and be objective of not just my own position but a global community with a shared experience to varying degrees. As humans and as societies we aim to build, acquire, collect and create a legacy - to leave a mark. Destiny and fate however conspire and mock human ambition.

My art practice continues to use and develop a metaphoric language- in this series exploring the notion of coats of arms, icons and heraldry which we create, depicted by gold, silver, power and glory, and feather accoutrements, drawing on their historic significance of beauty and fragility. But central to all images is the inevitable decay and delicate and transient naivety of us as humans, depicted by the magnolia seed pods, the frayed feathers, and tarnished gold. This is my point in time, our point in time - and this is what came out. Sit, contemplate, absorb, reflect - it is meant to be.