November 13, 2020 - December 3, 2020


Artist: Clayton John
Location: subiaco
13 NOVEMBER - 3 DECEMBER, SUBIACO GALLERY 2. EXHIBITION EXTENDED! "My family have been in Africa for 12 generations – over 450 years…We have now left…..and a vast and ancient land now nourishes our existence. What is this place? How does it work? What of its stories? What is it’s raison d’etre? Can the songs of 2,000 generations be felt, accessed, honoured? "My expression has moved in response to an inner need to be more full, and a name change (from Clayton Hairs to Clayton John) was the result – and with it came a change in tools used to express. Now encaustic and cold wax, the earth of the location I was witness to, and plaster, acrylics and oils allowed undulations, flows and complexity that I found present in the Australian landscape. The works in this exhibition were created initially during lockdown from COVID-19. The whimsical nature expressed in the works came naturally. In addition a penchant for finding imagery that suggested something, while in fact, being quite another added to this play of smoke, mirrors and double entendre." Clayton John, October 2020