February 6, 2021 - February 28, 2021

BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Kate Elsey, Kiara Rechichi-Baker, Ian de Souza, James Giddy

Location: mandoon
MANDOON ESTATE GALLERY, 6 - 28 FEBRUARY. Birds of a Feather celebrates almost four generations of artists and their individual responses to the nature of birds and their surroundings. Ian de Souza’s fluid, colourful ink renditions celebrate shape and movement, of which he is a master. In stark contrast, Kate Elsey’s abstracted ink meanderings are either imagined or inspired by the life abundant in the backyard outside her studio and illustrate the archetypal structure of birds. Kiara Rechichi-Baker highlights the meticulous and specific, rendering every bristle on a feather. James Giddy looks at the relationships that birds hold with the Australian environment, indirectly describing landscapes within his subjects through composition, gesture and expression.