May 17, 2021 - June 13, 2021


Artist: Bec Juniper
Location: subiaco
1 - 13 JUNE, SUBIACO. "These are works that have been created over the past year at both my studio and at home, some during our COVID lockdown. There is a strong theme of waterways and nature based on frequent trips to the Swan River on Jon’s boat, spending time by the shore, on the water’s edge… These works also express a yearning I have for the West Australian desert. The two landscapes have much in common. From a formation point of view, the earth and the sea create similar patterns." Bec Juniper 2021

The structures of the landscape, layered through time, reveal differing origins from sedimentary to igneous upheavals which Juniper, through her use of materials, attempts to reflect or mimic. Using raw, ground pigments and resist methods she builds her images, layer by layer.