June 24, 2022 - July 17, 2022


Artist: Bec Juniper
Location: subiaco
Official Opening 6-8om, Thursday 30th June, SUBIACO

Bec Juniper constructs alternative versions of places and events, recognizing that both are fanciful on some level and open to interpretation, without a set path. Her work can be seen as a struggle between abstraction and reality as both are at play. They are combined symbiotically; nature and physics as dynamic co-creators of the continually active surface.

“What we are on the inside is bespoke and continually forming” says Bec. “The paintings aim to reflect that duality in real time, with Nature and her infinite set of possibilities centre stage.

“I aspire to mimic nature and explore creation, the artwork building a past, destructive ‘events’ leaving traces and scars, themselves beautiful and intriguing. Fluvial patterns transgress borders and control, the fluid carving out its own landscape, making its own aesthetic. These break-away impressions wield power over the composition, bringing along their own quirks that I embrace and exploit.

“Maybe it all stitches together and maybe it doesn’t; if nothing else, it’s incredibly enjoyable.”