Sam Bloor

Photographer and signwriter, Sam Bloor painted ‘Death, Taxes and Beauty’ on the side of our Subiaco gallery just before our world turned upside down due to COVID-19. Now he has painted a new graphic, ‘Attacking the Loneliness’ on the same wall. He explains his practice and his thinking in the video below.

They are relevant reminders of a few things we can count on when everything seems to be out of control. He has also made limited edition prints that are made by hand, like the painting on the wall and signed and numbered.

You can help Sam keep his practice going and his rent paid by pre-ordering one of these prints for your home. We’re aiming for a mailing date of just two weeks allowing for 3 days quarantine between handling to be extra safe. ⁠

Support local and treat yourself at the same time, order one today, while they last! ⁠


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