Pippin Drysdale

‘Pippin Drysdale’s ensembles are quite literally a landscape in their aesthetic manifestation. Each of her forms lightly touches the ground and the whole array of objects undulates into peaks and valleys over which the eyes can clamber. The richly coloured surfaces are first inscribed with fine lines, the artist’s own form of topographical mapping recalling the spidery tracings of grass and wind as they sing and sweep across the sand.’ Glenn Barkley and Lesley Harding in Heide Museum catalogue An Idea Needing to be Made: Contemporary Ceramics 2019.

For 45 years Pippin Drysdale’s ordered studio in Fremantle, Western Australia, has witnessed the creation of exquisite landscapes ‘in the round’, made on her porcelain vessels, marbles or platters, each of which is the result of her endless and focused experimentation with colour, line and shape, applied in her unique fashion to the ceramic sculptures she creates. These sculptures reflect the vast Australian landscape, the remote and grandiose geology of the famous Kimberley or Pilbara regions and tie the land irrevocably to the stories of Australia’s first peoples

Pippin Drysdale’s art practice extends over four decades. She is widely acclaimed as one of Australia’s foremost ceramic artists with works held in major collections nationally and internationally, with works collected for many years by the Duke of Devonshire for the Chatsworth collection. In 2008 she was named a Master of Australian Craft by the Australia Council for the Arts and in 2015 the West Australian Government conferred on her the Living Treasure Award. Curtin University of Technology awarded her an honorary doctorate in February 2020.




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