Philip Noakes

Philip Noakes has earned enviable recognition for the unique designs and unsurpassed quality of his work both in Australia and overseas. He creates pieces of great beauty and unparalleled technical mastery that expose both his passion and deep dedication to his art.

Philip quickly established himself as one of Australia’s leading contemporary jewellers after arriving in Australia in 1975 after completing the demanding Diploma in the Design and Craftsmanship of Silversmithing at Sir John Cass College of Art in London. After initially working in Perth, he moved to Sydney where he gained a reputation for the quality and design of his work. He later returned to Perth where he fulfilled a long-standing ambition to pass his skills and experience on to students and practitioners alike, while continuing his own successful career.

Philip’s creativity is reflected in his designs that are influenced by changing environments. His practice is forged through his technical knowledge and expertise, pushing boundaries and ideas that emerge from his fertile imagination. Unique objects are created from a combination of discovered aptitudes and happy accidents. Philip conjures up beautiful pieces from hollow forms that are transformed into closed containers, bowls that seem to float and lavish sculptural objects, all with elaborate textures and shifting patterns created by hammering, oxidising and heat treatments.

Philip’s practice remains forever in a state of flux and a desire to stay abreast of new techniques that add to his arsenal of knowledge. He plays with variations on classic forms miraculously transforming flat sheets of metal into sinuous shapes and unique textures that shimmer with light.

Silversmithing is a continuous passion with Philip. He is the archetypical adaptor, and his flexibility enables him to use his prodigious skill to solve problems and find new perspectives to reimagine the world he inhabits. He refuses to be constrained by his history but uses it as a springboard to launch challenging projects and establish creative initiatives.

In 2016 Philip was conferred as a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths, United Kingdom — the most prestigious accolade of all and the only silversmith in Australia to achieve this honour.