Nigel Sense

Nigel Sense is a Wollongong-born Australian artist. Nomadic by nature, Sense’s keen interest in travel and discovery informs his idiosyncratic style.

Sense has exhibited his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia and in Sri Lanka. In 2009 Sense was exhibited as part of the inaugural Colombo Art Biennale, and invited again in 2012. His award winning first Sydney solo exhibition titled I Work With Tools was held at Sheffer Gallery in September 2012. In the intervening years, Sense’s unique and dynamic style has garnered great attention and success, with the artist being commissioned by Porsche in 2021 to create a custom livery for the Taycan in celebration of the German auto manufacturer’s 70th anniversary in Australia. Sense’s first institutional solo show is to be held in 2022 at the National Centre of Contemporary Art (NCCA) in Darwin.

Nigel Sense draws inspiration from the American abstract expressionists and pop artists of the 1960s, and like the pop artists of the 1960’s, he has turned mass reproduction and the influence of the mass media into subject matter. His works could loosely be described as neo-expressionist and social expressionist.

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